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How would you rate your WordCamp MSP 2017 Experience Overall? *

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Please rate your experience with the Friday Sessions. This includes the content of the session and the abilities of the speaker.
Amazing Good Adequate Disappointing Did Not Attend
Panel: Staying Sane In Tech
10:30 am - Legos for Developers – A modular approach to WordPress Development - Joshua Giowaya
10:30 am - Focusing on the client experience, not just the code - Karim Marucchi
10:30 am Who Is Your User? Find Your Audience and Get to Know Them - Shelby Elliott
11:30 am - Let’s Encrypt: A Free, Automated, and Open Certificate Authority - Josh Aas
11:30 am - Stories from the Front: Real Talk about Managing Clients - Wendy Bolm
11:30 am - You Are Not Your Audience: How to Create User Centered Design - tracy apps
1:30 pm - WP-CLI – Save Time by Managing WordPress from the Command Line - Shawn Hooper
1:30 pm - 8 Lessons Clients Teach Us Everyday - Lynn Winter
1:30 pm - Nobody Cares About your Feelings: How to talk about design - Reid Peifer
1:30 pm - Why A11y? - Joe Dolson
2:30 pm - Extending the REST API - Pete Nelson
2:30 pm - Hiring: How to Attract and Retain the Right People for Your Team - Heather Acton
2:30 pm - Rest In Peace, Wireframes - Travis Totz
2:30 pm - How We Changed The World With Open Source - Ed Finkler
4:00 pm - Cowboy Coding – Best Practices - Gary Kovar
4:00 pm - Everything is Difficult: True Confessions of a Freelance Developer - Josh Broton
4:00 pm - Let’s Party! Making Third Party Plugins Work Without Breaking WordPress - Jessi Gurr

Please rate your experience with the Saturday Sessions. This includes the content of the session and the abilities of the speaker.
Excellent Good Adequate Disappointing Did Not Attend
Panel: The Importance of Open Source
10:30am - Programming Etiquette - John James Jacoby
10:30am - Myths and Facts About Securing Your Site - Aaron D. Campbell
10:30am - Intro to User Journey Maps for Building Better Websites - Anthony D. Paul
11:30am - Prepare for Flight: A Pre-Launch Checklist for Life on the Web - Jessica Gardner
11:30am - Looking Beyond the SEO Plugin - Rebecca Gill
11:30am - 10 Ways Your Blog Can Help You Take Action (Even When You’re Scared) - Suzi Hunn
1:30pm - Let’s learn Git. No more excuses - Dwayne McDaniel
1:30pm - WordPress & Marketing Automation - Marcus Genzlinger
1:30pm - What We Talk About When We Talk About Storytelling - Shawn Pfunder
2:30pm - Configuration Management: WordPress Configuration in Code - Tessa Kriesel
2:30pm - e-Commerce Fundamentals - Caleb Burks
2:30pm - Iocane Powder and the Battle of Wits: Developing the Psychological Immunity to Stay Alive While You’re Running a Business - Sherry Walling
2:30pm - Peak Productivity with Ivy Lee - David Needham
4:00pm - Best Practices for Developing Websites - Aaron Holbrook
4:00pm - Everything you need to know to CYA your site - Rian M. Kinney
4:00pm - Podcasting with WordPress - Rebekah Smith
4:00pm - For A Few Notes More: How Good Documentation Can Save Time and Money - Jeronimo Lopez
5:00pm - A Decade: Lessons Learned Nurturing a WordPress Plugin - John Havlik
5:00pm - A/B Testing – Which Way Does Your Duck Face? - Mike Demo
5:00pm - Creating and Selling Successful Online Courses and Memberships with WordPress - Kelly Garrett
5:00pm - The Internet Mirror (Google Analytics) - Lon Koening

Did you attend any of the Lightning Talks over the weekend? *

Please rate your experience with the Lightning Talks. This includes the content of the session and the abilities of the speaker.
Excellent Good Adequate Disappointing Did Not Attend
Friday - Is your data dirty? - Jenna Totz
Friday - Fantastic WordPress Functions and Where to Find Them - Nick Ciske
Friday - Surviving a Crisis of Confidence - Nathan Ingram
Friday - Becoming a Community Builder: A WordPress Story - Raquel Landefeld
Friday - Going From Blog to Book - Amy Zellmer
Saturday - So, You Want To Sell Online? - Zach Stepek
Saturday - Embracing Page Builders - Tyler Golberg
Friday - What I learned creating my first premium plugin - Andrew Robbins
Saturday - Starting your first online business - AJ Morris
Saturday - What I learned raising 2 Million Dollars for Politicians–and How it Applies to the WordPress Community - Lindsey Miller
Saturday - Pursing your creative passion: Turn your side hustle into a full-time gig - Katie Elenberger
Saturday - Community: Girl Develop It - Tamara Temple
Saturday - Community: WordPress Meetup - Nick Ciske
Saturday - Community: 48in48 - Ethan Parrish

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